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VPN Acess
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What it is and how to install it

It is a virtual private network that enables access to the College's internal network from an Internet connection.

VPNs use security technologies that ensure authentication, confidentiality and integrity in communications.

EgasMoniz offers its users a VPN solution.

VPN access allows establishing a connection between the user's home PC and the College's server. The system allows a duly authenticated user to access the Faculty's internal resources or external services as if he were on the Faculty's internal network. For example, it allows access to bibliographical research sites, such as B-ON. You can also access your office PC. For that, you must proceed to the access register and to the configuration of your PC.


First of all take into account that to configure the Virtual Private Network (VPN) at EgasMoniz, you must have internet access.

Download for Windows

Download configuration file for other platforms (MacOSX, iPhone Android ) requires the installation of an OpenVPN client

Windows 10 configuration manual

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